Day 22: Everybody Cheers!!

April 4, 2010 Posted by Alfredo. Category: Journal,Photography. Tags: , ,

Cheers: Where everybody knows your name!

It was a great yet long weekend, I got to work on Saturday, no big deal, in fact it was way fun, it was science club day or something like that. That night I went to Daegu, and debuted as the Talk historian, I got to take pictures of our get together in Daegu, many people showed up and it was a great opportunity to catch up and tell each other about our adventures teaching Korean kids. Everyone had something to share, some were horror stories about how kids are just uncontrollable, and others shared how much they love to teach and how cute their students are. Overall we all had a good time being together and taking a break from our drudgery (character shaping) Korean country life. Unfortunately I had to leave early due to a serious headache, so I couldn’t stay the whole night. And that’s it, enjoy the pictures.


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